A-Z Handbook

A Keyword Quick-Reference Guide

Air Conditioning: A/c is very costly. Our booking terms specify fair use: occupied rooms, windows closed, min 20ºC. We reserve the right to surcharge for excessive consumption. Timers control downstairs a/c - press wall switch before switching on via remote. The new master bedroom unit is a more advanced 'inverter' one (quieter and more efficient). Straining the units by setting the temperature too low, running them with windows open, or overzealous pressing of remote buttons can cause the units to cut out requiring an engineer's visit.

Android Box: Media streamer using Kodi software for viewing UK Live TV, plus huge TV and film archive. Under TV.

Arrival: After 16:00 to allow for changeovers. Our key safe with motion-activated light means there's no problem about arriving on a late flight. 

Barbecue: You're welcome to use this, but please ensure that it is left ready for the next guests. As cleaning the barbecue is not a normal changeover task, if not left clean, we levy a £20 surcharge. Gas bottle silver padlock: 3426. Assuming you have a car, if gas runs out, please take bottle to Papantoniou for a replacement. We will reimburse if you send receipt. (€10-15)

Binoculars: 2 pairs pocket size, 1 full size - utility drawers.

Bits and Bobs: Pens, pencils, safety pins, scissors, sellotape, rubber bands, Greek dictionary, etc - drawer below oven. Other useful miscellaneous items - utility drawers.

Breakages: You may have an accident with the odd glass or dish - don't worry - no charge. We have chosen inexpensive things we can buy individually, and keep stock of matching crockery and glassware. Please tell us, though, so we can top-up for the next guests. Whiteboard in utility for this.

Breeze: While very welcome in summer, this can produce very strong gusts, particularly around midday, so be aware when leaving belongings out, hanging washing, etc. On hot days, it's lovely to open windows and let the natural breeze cool the house.

CD Library: Music and teach-yourself-Greek CDs - TV unit drawer. Or play your own music through the HiFi or clock-radio via MP3 jack.

Check In / Check Out Times: Arrival from 16:00. Departure by 11:00 - unless there are no incoming guests and a late checkout has been agreed in writing.

Chopping Boards: To protect the worktop - left of cooker hood.

Chromecast: Media streamer to connect your devices to the TV. Can be used for viewing FilmOn Live TV, YouTube, (plus - if you have accounts - Netflix or Plex). Behind TV.

Cleaning: The villa is professionally cleaned between lets. Optional mid-stay clean (linen / towel change, beds remade, floors swept and mopped, bins emptied, light dusting) on request (additional cost payable locally).

Consumables: Saving duplication, we leave some non-perishables - washing up liquid, cling film, foil, detergent, spices, etc - requesting that you replace items for the next guests, if anything runs low.

Cool Box: For picnics / drinks when out for the day. Also useful when food shopping. Allowed in amphitheatre shows where everyone takes drinks / snacks. Ice blocks - freezer. Cool box - utility.

Cushions: To keep the new lounger cushions in good condition, it would be appreciated if you didn't let things like bird poo linger. Long coloured towels for wrapping over them. Please bring the grey dining chair cushions in at night to stop the cats sleeping on them. Amphitheatre cushions - utility cupboard.

Departure: 11:00 unless a late checkout has been agreed in writing, to allow for the changeover between guests. Departure notes: pissouribay.com/departure

Directions: Links to online maps and step-by-step instructions to help you find key places: pissouribay.com/directions

Doctor: 2 private medical centres with on-call doctors. Full info: pissouribay.com/medical

Door Locking: Shutting the front door will lock it (from outside), so take care not to lock yourself out. Our insurance requires windows and doors to be secured whenever leaving the villa. Please check windows on arrival. 'Key Safe' useful if members of your party want to go out separately, or if you don't want to take keys to the beach.

Drying Washing: Rotary airer - garden. Retractable line - car port - hooks onto pergola. Portable airer - utility.

DVD Library: UK TV DVDs and commercial DVDs - TV unit drawers.

Electricity Trip Switch: Toaster tripped electricity? Labelled reset button in roadside cupboard - grey button on cream block. During a power cut, meter reading window will be blank.

Emergencies: Fire blanket - utility wall. First Aid kit - top utility drawer. Emergency services 112. Medical: Pissouri Pharmacy - B6 before Papantoniou. Royal Medical Centre or Poli Medical Centre (both private, with 24h on-call doctors). More medical info: pissouribay.com/medical

Family Games / Activities: Indoor games - bookshelf basket. Pool inflatables, noodles, foot pump, garden games - garden box. Lock code 269 (BOX on phone keypad).

Feedback: Please tell us how your stay went. Suggestions for improvements are welcome. Restaurant and activity tips are particularly helpful for fellow guests: pissouribay.com/feedback.

We like to add comments to the villa website. Please feel free to complete as much or little as you like. We are also keen to know if you follow our social media posts. Facebook users can interact on facebook.com/ampelivilla which helps to spread the word. If you're worried about the security of publicly showing that you are away, maybe leave it until the end of your stay?

We'd also love to collect some Facebook or Google reviews, because their independence carries more weight. Many thanks.

First Aid Kit: Antiseptic cream, antibacterial gel, plasters, gauze, tape, scissors, tweezers, thermometer, but no medications - top utility drawer.

Fly Screens: Bedroom patio doors and the ensuite have new fly screens so that you can sleep with the windows open if you prefer not to use the a/c. You should also hear the sea! Magnetic butterflies are placed at eye level as a reminder to prevent you from walking into them. Should you accidentally damage the mesh, Kevin can replace it. (+357 99119582 ~ €20 approx)

Fridge Door: If it resists opening, wait a minute before trying again - this feature is to keep it frost-free.

Gadget Charging: Plug charger cables into living room / master bedroom USB sockets. Various cables - utility drawer.

Garden: Although there is an irrigation system, please water pots if dry. Rhys gardens for us and neighbours alternate Thursdays. Involves power tools - so you may consider this a good time to go out.

Garden Boxes: Used for cushion storage, and garden / pool toys. If the box is locked, the padlock code is 269 (BOX on phone keypad).

Gas Bottles: Hob and barbecue bottles can be swapped if one runs out mid-use. Hob bottle padlock: 3546. Barbecue bottle padlock: 3426. Assuming you have a car, if gas runs out, please take bottle to Papantoniou for a replacement. We will reimburse if you send receipt (€10-15).

Glassware: We would prefer you to hand-wash glasses to avoid dishwasher breakages. Plastic 'glasses' for use around pool - above utility sink. Using the dishwasher or a scourer on pool wine goblets will spoil them.

Grill: The cooker grill only works with the oven door closed.

Hairdryers: Each bedroom - wardrobe or bedside drawer.

Hob: If the gas runs out while you are cooking, you can swap with the barbecue bottle. See 'Barbecue' and 'Gas Bottles'.

Ice Lolly Moulds: Utility cupboard.

Internet: SSID: MyTelco-CEF3CB | Password: pi55ouri | Secure dedicated 6MB Internet from MyTelco. Router - behind TV.

Inventory: Current list: pissouribay.com/inventory

Key Safe: Please remember to twirl the dials when you lock, otherwise it is not secure. Do not change our code.

Kitchen Knives: There are chopping boards to protect the worktop - left of cooker hood.

Kitchenware: What we have and where to look: pissouribay.com/kitchen

Laptop: Link to Lonely Planet Cyprus Guide on desktop. Windows XP - rather slow, but still useful.

Lights and Switches: Switches are mind-boggling! (Wiring scheme devised by developer). Please try your hardest not to leave outside lights on night and day. Outside light switches are labelled on top - if you try a switch and nothing happens, you've probably turned a light on outside. Bedrooms have switchless "touch lamps." If a plumbed in appliance (dishwasher, fridge, A/C unit) will not operate, check nearby wall switch to ensure red / blue power light is on.

Linen and Towels: A change of bed linen and towels is provided in the wardrobes for longer stays (2 weeks +).

Locked Cupboards: Some containing personal belongings are secured with hidden locks. Do not force.

Loos: Please only flush natural waste and toilet paper down the loos or the drains will block. Tampons or wet wipes can also damage the water treatment plant.

Medical Services: Summary: pissouribay.com/medical

Mid-Stay Clean: Optional mid-stay clean (linen / towel change, beds remade, floors swept and mopped, bins emptied, light dusting) on request (additional cost payable locally).

Mobile Phone: Utility room drawer - pay-as-you-go phone with credit for booking restaurants and taxis, and to enable our manager to contact you. Registered to receive texts about local news, works, etc. (+357) 9916 2434. Joanna's sells local sim cards and top-ups. From June 15 2017 you can roam on your home contract minutes, but this will not include calls to Cyprus numbers.

Noise Issues: As this is a quiet residential neighbourhood, please be aware of how much noise you are making, especially around the pool, as this can be an annoyance. If you are being annoyed by others: (1) Try a polite request. (2) If that fails, contact us - we will inform the owners about their guests. (3) As a final resort, ring Pissouri Police on 25222611.

Papantoniou Supermarket: Open 08:00 - 20:00, including Sundays and most Bank Holidays. On the B6 Paphos - Limassol road. Head inland towards motorway. R at Junction Café T-junction, L at B6 T-junction. Up hill past police station. R into "Paps" car park (extends behind store). Trolleys take 50c / €1 / €2 coins. Specialist butchery, fish counter, delicatessen and bakery. Groceries, fresh fruit and vegetables, gas bottles, maps, newspapers. Also household goods, souvenirs, holiday goods upstairs. Take cool box?

Parasol: Please be sure to close this in gusty conditions, and whenever leaving the villa.

Petrol Station: Esso or Petrolina - on B6 en route to Papantoniou.

Pharmacy: A good first resort for advice and over-the-counter medication for minor ailments - B6 before Papantoniou. More: pissouribay.com/medical

Picnics: Plastic picnicware - utility cupboard. Cool box - utility. Ice packs - freezer

Pissouri Village: Main route: Head inland towards motorway. R at Junction Café T-junction, L at B6 T-junction. L at flower shop. Follow uphill twists and turns. Fork R at Bunch of Grapes sign. L into car park. | Twisty route: R at mini roundabout in Pissouri Bay, L up hill. Follow uphill twists and turns. Fork L at village. R at 5-way junction. R into amphitheatre car park.

Police: Pissouri Police Station - on B6 before Papantoniou.  (+357) 25222611. 

Pool: Len cleans the pool twice a week (normally Wed / Sat).

Pool Lights: Warning: leaving the lights on too long attracts insects to the surface.

Pool Net: For removing floating leaves - on garden boxes.

Pool Toys: Return to storage box when not needed, as they interfere with the pool skimming.

Postcards: Buy stamps with postcards or at Aggelos kiosk - next to Papantoniou. Delivery is quicker if posted at the kiosk or hotel, as other postboxes are not regularly checked. Or choose a photo from your smartphone to send a personalised postcard (similar to Moonpig cards) via Touchnote app.

Power Cuts: Occasionally there are electricity cuts. In roadside meter cupboard, no digital display means a power cut, rather than a circuit trip. (Visible meter reading? - see 'Electricity Trip Switch' for how to reset.) Gas lighter above cooker for hob. Villa water is electrically pumped. Usually power is only off for an hour or so.

Problems: If anything is not as it should be with the villa, we will try to resolve any issues as soon as possible - preferably during your stay. Even if it's something that doesn't bother you too much, please notify our local manager, or us promptly because the next guests may feel differently. Janne - manager: (+357) 9767 4269 | N&P home: +44 (0) 1923 853113 | Peter (m) 07827 323055 | Nikki (m) 07825 415878

Reading Glasses: 4 pairs - utility drawer.

Rubbish: Bags need to be left in green bin - end of the road. Extra bags - utility cupboard dispenser.

Safe: Type code (sent in email), then press E (for Enter). If you see the low battery light, please replace the batteries. Please leave closed at the end of your stay, and do not change our code - otherwise the next guests will not be able to use it. Utility wall cupboard.

Sewing Kit: Utility drawer.

Smoking: We strongly object to smoking in the villa or garden which is against our booking terms. Smoking in the villa would incur forfeiture of your full security bond.

Solar Lanterns: Tops could do with the occasional wipe to keep them charging.

Sun Loungers: To keep these and the new lounger cushions in good condition, it would be appreciated if you didn't let things like bird poo linger. Long coloured towels for wrapping over cushions. They are heavy, but there are hidden wheels under back for moving them. Please don't bump them down the steps or wheel them with passengers.

Supermarkets: Papantoniou ("Paps") in Pissouri village is the excellent local option selling pretty much everything. In Pissouri Bay: Joanna's and Pepi's minimarkets - open early until late. Around the island: branches of Alpha Mega (which stocks some Tesco lines), Lidl and Papantoniou. Nearest Lidl and larger Paps next to each other on B6 in Ypsonas near Limassol.

Tealight Votives: For outdoor use - living room shelf. Battery-powered plastic 'candles' for indoors or garden - living room shelf.

Thermometers: Medical - first aid kit. Pool - utility drawer. Outdoor - right pergola strut.

Towels: White bathroom towels for indoor use only please. Long coloured towels to wrap round lounger cushions. If you forgot to bring beach towels (as requested), Paps sells them (upstairs).

TV: The Android TV is streamed via FilmOn.TV on Kodi. You can also watch on your own devices via the FilmOn Live TV app. We have a new simpler and more responsive remote control this season... use a light touch, and wait to see if your instruction has registered, before pressing again. An alternative option is a Chromecast streaming device. This involves streaming FilmOn Live TV, YouTube or your own content on a smartphone or tablet, and casting this to the TV via Google Home app. If you would like to watch iPlayer on your own iPad or iPhone, see step 7 of instructions for using a VPN.

USB Sockets: Silver dual micro USB / iPhone lightning leads - utility drawer. USB sockets - living area between patio doors, and under side table. Master bedroom - under dressing table, and beside bed.

Water: The tap water is safe to drink. Kitchen and utility taps have extra drinking taps at the base which bypass the tank. Hot water is solar heated. Please don't waste water. The garden supply is non-potable agricultural water.

Water Cuts: As there is a 650 litre 'emergency' tank in the loft, you may not realise the mains water has been temporarily cut, unless you try a drinking tap. We will warn you via text if we are notified. In that event, take care to limit usage until normal service resumes, as exhausting this tank will cause the pump to trip requiring a plumber call-out.

Whiteboard: For quick changeover notes to manager - blown bulbs, breakages, etc.

WiFi: SSID: MyTelco-CEF3CB | Password: pi55ouri

Windscreen Shade: Utility.

Wine Cooler: Stainless steel wine cooler - utility. A wine bottle wearing an ice-pack jacket will fit snugly inside.

Guest website pages:  /booking    /departure   /directions   /feedback    /handbook   /inventory    /kitchen   /medical   /packing-tips



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