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Setting the a/c temperature too low will strain the units, preventing them from reaching optimum efficiency, or even to overload and trip out requiring engineer reset. An achievable temperature is around 10ºC lower than that outside. If you've ever suffered from holiday sniffles, or woken up feeling cold when sleeping in an air-conditioned room, the likely cause is having the a/c at too low a setting.

Fair Use

As agreed in our Booking Terms, the a/c should be used:

  • only in occupied rooms
  • with doors / windows closed
  • at the recommended temperature (+20ºC)

We reserve the right to surcharge for excessive consumption.

Master Bedroom A/C

Although the previous unit was perfectly serviceable, we have invested in a new more powerful "inverter" unit to take advantage of technological advances. When you first switch on, the unit uses alternating current, but once running, it switches to direct current, enabling it to run more efficiently and quietly.

Please leave the remote settings as shown below, and do not press buttons unnecessarily:

Night: Mode - Auto | Fan (right-hand side) - High | Temp (top arrows) - 22ºC (minimum) | Sleep

If you press too many buttons on the remote, or set the temperature too low, the a/c will cut out and need resetting.

If this happens, try these steps before we call the engineer:

Master Bedroom A/C Resetting Steps:

  • Turn off a/c isolator switch on wall
  • Wait 10 minutes
  • Remove batteries from remote control
  • Replace batteries
  • Using a paper clip, depress the small reset button hole on front of remote
  • Display should then display all letters / numbers / arrows at once and then go off
  • Turn on a/c at the wall and listen for the confidence beep - meaning power has been restored
  • Press the red on button on the machine to start
  • Adjust temperature accordingly

Downstairs A/C

The downstairs units are connected to wall timers. Press Boost on the wall switch to select a running time, then turn on via A/C remote as normal.





Bedrooms 2 and 3 A/C

There are no timer switches on the bedroom units.

Night: Mode - Auto | Fan - High | Temp - 22ºC (minimum) | Sleep


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  • Close to beach and resort
  • Private 9m x 4m pool
  • Attractive secluded gardens
  • 3 double bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms, (one ensuite)
  • Blue Flag beach
  • Easy walk to 14+ eateries
  • 20 min from Paphos airport
  • Car optional
  • Free secure WiFi
  • Full air conditioning
  • Panoramic sea views
  • Multi-channel Internet TV

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Villa superb. Very comprehensive resources. Thoughtful touches.

Mr and Mrs K, Cheadle Hulme
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